Saturday 13 October 2012

Five For Free #122

Royal Canoe - Show Me Your Eyes

Sometimes when you read that bands have six members, you listen to their music and wonder exactly what the hell they're all doing. This isn't the case with Winnipeg's Royal Canoe, as 'Show Me Your Eyes' goes on, more and more sounds and instruments are thrown in and a cross-genre piece of alt-pop is created. These guys have a brilliantly unique sound, check out their 'Purple & Gold' EP for more.

Royal Canoe's website

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Swearin' - Just

With an equally great sound are Brooklyn indie/pop/punk types Swearin' who are offering up a free taster of their self-titled debut album. 'Just' mixes in buzzing guitars and a rich female lead with a post-punk aesthetic and plenty of poppy melody. It's the sort of song that contains enough to appeal to lovers of various kinds of music without compromising their sound.

Swearin''s website

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The Coathangers - Merry Go Round

Talking of post-punk, Atlanta band The Coathangers create a noise that could easily have been released thirty years ago. These four girls formed before they could really play an instruments, essentially deciding they should be a band. Turns out that when they put their minds to it, making brilliant DIY pop was something that came naturally to them. See for yourself on 'Merry Go Round'.

The Coathangers' website

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The English - Human

At the other end of the post-punk and new-wave scenes of the early 80s were those who mixed in electronic sounds with the simplicity and pure tunes that punk ushered in. Crafting similar sounding synth/indie/pop sounds are Stoke quartet The English whose rather excellent track 'Human' doesn't scrimp on the melody but offsets it neatly with an alternative edge.

The English's website

Kapitan - Dead Man Walking

Teesside group Kapitan have just self-released their debut double A-side single. Recorded earlier this year in Stockton, 'Seven Seas' and 'Dead Man Walking' are dark and ferocious pieces of alt-rock, with the latter being our favourite as it builds from rumbling drums to a psychotic, shrieking chorus with a simple bludgeoning riff and throat shredding vocal.

Kapitan's website

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