Tuesday 16 October 2012

A Beta Movement - Colour Mixing System

Single review by KevW

To quote Harry Hill, you've gotta have a system, in the case of this Portuguese trio a 'Colour Mixing System', a song title that goes some way to describing the ethos of the band. Not content with music alone, they formed with the aim of combining a heavy visual aspect to what they do, which all sounds very studious. A Beta Movement however, are no abstract arty-farty types, they're as much about making good music as anything else, and if that means putting in a little extra effort for their videos then more power to them. Sound and image have always gone hand in hand, long before Andy Warhol stuck a banana painting on The Velvet Underground's first album and long before Elvis swept his hair into a slick quiff. So the end result here is that we get a decent tune and some eye candy to go with it.

Musically, 'Colour Mixing System' is a guitar-led indie/pop song with a soulful vocal that itself creates a colourful atmosphere and a light and melodic sound, while maintaining an alternative edge. The steady build gives rise to an impressive finale. The video is a kind of hallucinatory trip, beginning with the grey tedium of modern life before the hypnotic power of daydreaming takes over and transports us to a summery, outdoor space where the plain white sheets are given a good coat of Jackson Pollock. It's about escapism and leaving the mundane behind for a few moments, again this is something that both music and art have always been produced to do. This track is set to appear on A Beta Movement's forthcoming EP 'Blossom Age', it could be one to keep both your eyes and ears peeled for.

A BETA MOVEMENT // Colour mixing system (BLOSSOM AGE) from A BETA MOVEMENT on Vimeo.

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