Monday 15 October 2012

Pablo Nouvelle - One More Chance/Winter In Helsinki

Single review by KevW

Swiss film maker Fabio Friedli is also a dab hand when it comes to sculpting experimental sounds as Pablo Nouvelle, with his last single 'Is It OK' picking up airtime on various alternative music radio stations. The award-winning former animation student has not only a debut album in the pipeline but a feature film as well. Suffice to say he's a busy man and is hogging more than his fair share of talent. For his next trick he's releasing new single 'One More Chance', a more uptempo track than some of his work, and one that mixes ambient electronics, trip-hop and house, making sure it keeps one foot in pop so as not to become too abstract or niche, although it's certainly not mainstream either.

It's another one that's sure to be gracing the airwaves soon enough (if it's not already), yet a fine listen though it is, this release isn't all about the A-side. On the flip is the shorter, more downbeat 'Winter In Helsinki' which begins like a classical piano track before being hijacked by glistening sounds, retro synths and a steady, prominent beat. It's a real mood piece but like the lead song it stays accessible and doesn't veer of track; maybe his work in film means he keeps a close eye on how the music is perceived. Either way you can feel that much thought has been put into both tunes to make them both innovative and pretty easy on the ear too.

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