Friday 19 October 2012

Band To Check Out: Luk

Article by KevW

It's come of something of a surprise that Tel Aviv has as much of a varied and vibrant music scene as it does, but then why wouldn't it? Most major cities do, I guess we just don't hear as much about it in the west. Israeli duo Luk originally formed back in 2009 as Dual Ark, then a quartet, they released a five-track EP of retro synth-pop which is still available for free on Bandcamp. Following a break of a couple of years, the core duo of Amit Adar (Vocals and Synths) and Adiel Luk (Synths and Programming) reconvened under their current moniker and set about continuing what they started. So far there are only a trio of songs available for public consumption which show a slightly more experimental side.

Still with their roots in pop, these new recordings feel more like a reinvention of the 80s sounds they previously created, rather than just a recreation. 'For You' is a thoroughly modern sounding piece of electronica despite the odd retro touch. It feels akin to a pop song being given a violent electric shock, with jabbing synths and a stuttering beat. 'Drowning' has a more industrial feel, cold and desolate with lyrics detailing a battle with extreme loneliness and desperation, but best of all is 'Let Me Out', a song that also uses a stammering beat, this time accompanied by dreamy synths and a soulful vocal. The lyrics again are desolate yet it manages to be uplifting on account of its anthemic nature. It makes you wonder just what else is being created out there that we're currently missing out on.

Luk's website

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