Monday 29 October 2012

Out This week - 29th October 2012

Allah-Las - Busman's Holiday

We're loving the garage-rock revival that's been rampant in California and the surrounding areas, and one of the more faithful and downright best of this new crop are Allah-Las whose eponymous album is out this week. In short; it's bloody brilliant. Anyone who's ever enjoyed listening to a Nuggets compilation should get on the case without further ado. Here's 'Busman's Holiday' to get you in the mood.

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Plateaus - Blackout

Of course that part of the world has been embracing punk sounds too, and we're not talking the abominations like Blink 182 and that crowd of goofy idiots. San Diego's Plateaus are keeping the real spirit of US punk alive with a hint of The Ramones about their glorious and melodic thrashing. Here's the excellent 'Blackout' from their self-titled album, out this week.

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Ethereal & The Queer Show - Horse

On the other side of the US there's been many a band dabbling in shoegaze and dreampop (which is kind of making this week's 'Out This Week' the epitome of The Sound Of Confusion's tastes) and the curiously named Ethereal & The Queer Show make beautiful electronic sounds such as the swoonsome 'Horse' from new album 'Cosmotopia', it's bloody great.

Download 'Horse' for free by heading here

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Writer - Hot Days

If we're ticking all the usual splendid boxes then we'd better stop off in Brooklyn, where brothers James and Andy Ralph are releasing their debut album as Writer. Taken from the appropriately titled (although a bit weird) 'Brotherface' is the grungy alt-rock of 'Hot Days' which is further proof that those guitar heroes of the early 90s are becoming an ever-growing influence on today's batch.

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Sambassadeaur - Memories

The lengthy wait for new material by one of your favourite bands can be agonising. Then exciting when they announce that a new album is imminent, then even more exiting when they release the first single from it. Then disappointing when you listen to it and find that the new one from Sambassadeur isn't as good as 'Subtle Changes' or 'Sandy Dunes', in fact it sounds, by their standards at least, quite ordinary. And then... the wonder of music takes over! At first glance this is a reasonable enough return by the world's most under appreciated band, but just wait until you've had the chance to play it a few times. The sublime 'Memories' is what's known as a grower, and boy does it grow. It may not be their best song but it still pisses from a great height over much of the music world. There is magic here after all, you just have to wait a little while for it to hit you. But it's definitely worth it.

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