Monday 22 October 2012

Kjartan Bue - Rosen And Danny

Single review by KevW

Following the top-drawer 'Man Riding Backwards' single which was released in the summer, Kjartan Bue is gearing up to unveil his debut album of the same name on November 15th. The part Norwegian, part Danish singer-songwriter has his own highly admirable take on stripped-back alt-country, a medium that requires very strong songs to succeed, having little in the way of pyrotechnics and studio trickery to hide behind. Both tracks we've heard from this Scandinavian troubadour are just that: incredibly well written songs recorded with the minimum of fuss and accompanied by little more than some bare percussion. Bue is proving to be a songwriter of no small talent.

New single 'Rosen And Danny' follows a very similar route to its predecessor in that the most important factors are the voice and the guitar; and we're not talking vocal acrobatics here, Bue has far better taste than that. Letting his natural, unforced tones carry the song gives a much more authentic, feel. Having a slightly ragged sound, particularly with the percussion which sounds like little more than someone slapping their hands on an upturned bucket only adds to the effect. It's truly heartening to hear this kind of song being made by someone who understands the basic principles of what makes music work, especially something as organic as this. It could have been a disaster in less capable hands, but Bue seems like a man who knows the score. Now let's see if he's got a whole album of these waiting for us.

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