Tuesday 30 October 2012

goodbyemotel - People EP

EP review by KevW

Well it's alright for some isn't it? This new EP from goodbyemotel was recorded in a beach shack on the Australian coast, but please try and get the image of those Fosters comedy ads out of your head, there's no stereotypical laddish/sexist behaviour going on here. I think this Melbourne lot can just count themselves lucky to have such inspiring locations to work in. They have lofty aspirations too, referencing Coldplay, Radiohead, U2 and other million-sellers as inspirations. Your inner indie mind will already be setting off alarm bells, but since when has wanting to become successful been a bad thing? Should bands intentionally set out to be shit? Or should they set out to make they music they want to make? You should always follow your ambitions, and that's what goodbyemotel are doing.

Whether your inner anti-sellout goblins are telling you to avoid them at all costs is of course a different matter entirely, and if it is more rough-cut and DIY sounds that you prefer then you're looking in the wrong place. goodbyemotel opt for a clean and polished sound with definite commercial leanings; this is indie-rock with anthemic qualities that's aiming for star-status and isn't afraid to pull out all the stops to get there. Their songs have already been used on TV a fair bit back home and that may translate to the UK and US too; these four tracks are also engineered with radio play in mind, all big choruses and note perfect playing. The songs are pretty good to be honest, but if you find yourself enjoying 'People' and you want to maintain your uber-cool stance then you're probably better off not letting your mates know about it.

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