Sunday 14 October 2012

Dexters - Recover

Single review by KevW

Is it any wonder that every week someone else is proclaiming the death of guitar music? Is it a surprise that guitar bands rarely get a look in when it comes to the top 40 nowadays? At the beginning of the last decade there was a revival of alternative, back to basics guitar groups who sounded fresh and kicked new life into the indie scene. In the US this was spearheaded by The Strokes, in the UK it was The Libertines leading the charge. Then for the next few years these bands were copied, watered down and their legacy ruined by what became known as landfill indie. Bands with no ideas of their own, just sticking on some Converse, skinny jeans and a jacket and waiting for the hits to come. It's no wonder the world got fed up with it all, do you really expect people to believe in someone like The Pigeon Detectives?

So that brings us to London band Dexters. They've been touring with The Enemy, their video shows them in shades, leather jackets and skinny jeans. They sound like a cross between The Strokes, The Libertines and The Vaccines, it's totally derivative. They're everything we've just derided wrapped up in a neat little bundle. Their new single is called 'Recover', and you know what? It's a cracking piece of punky indie that tells us where to stick our comparisons and ideals. It knows it's unoriginal, it knows it's a bit of a poser and it probably knows that it's a great track with a great chorus and is going to get crowds jumping up and down at gigs. 'Recover' is just the sort of song that journalists have been rallying against, but the import aspect is that despite the image and style it's a killer tune, and you can't keep a good song down.

Dexters' website

'Recover' is out on November 19th on This Feeling Records

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