Thursday 11 October 2012

Torches - Someone Needs A Ritual

Single review by KevW

Well that's a bit of a sinister title. We're not going to speculate about the type of ritual in question, but the vocals on this song seem kind of haunted and freaky so it's possibly something unsavoury. For ones so dark it seems unusual for this London quintet to be called Torches, but then I suppose torches are exactly what you need to navigate your way around in the dark. Second single 'Someone Needs A Ritual' is an oddly danceable new-wave track with the faint odour of gothic undertones. The lyrics and voice may be bleak, yet musically this song is fairly bright and cheerful (if you ignore the moodily plodding bassline), so it's slightly paradoxical, although this works just fine.

The guitars and handclaps are made for a mid 80s indie disco and sounds from around that time are a clear influence, not least The Cure. With such a commanding vocal, 'Someone Needs A Ritual' begins to take on a slightly epic and grandiose tone that suggests Torches' music would suit bigger stages as well as the London pub circuit, and you can definitely see them become more of a heavyweight prospect, although a brilliantly uncommercial one. In 'Someone Needs A Ritual' they have a song that should help to put them on the map, and as any good scout will tell you, if you've got a map and torches you should have no trouble reaching your destination, so don't bet against these guys reaching theirs.

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