Saturday 27 October 2012

Tom Odell - Songs From Another Love EP

EP review by KevW

Is having your music hyped by Lily Allen (yeah we know she's called Lily Rose Cooper now but we're just making sure everyone knows who we mean...) a good thing or a bad thing? Well on the one hand, it's gained the London singer and pianist more publicity than he would have had by this point, although given time his music should generate an equal amount of publicity, just without this kick start. On the downside he's got to put up with about six months' worth of reviews mentioning this connection ahead of his actual music (sorry there, Tom). Tom Odell would most likely do well regardless of celebrity endorsements. His music is fairly universal, in that it crosses barriers ensuring fans of many genres will find appeal here, and it's also very good and therefore likely to receive fairly widespread acclaim, not just from niche corners of the market.

Debut EP 'From Another Love' finds him in typically good voice, the one we first heard when we featured him a few weeks back, it's a voice that's not only note perfect but one that has no trouble conveying bucket-loads of emotion; the guy sure can sing. So the buzz is accurate, but is it sustainable, will people still be flocking to hear him when a new next-big-thing turns up? The answer is most probably yes. His music does show great talent and is devoid of any gimmicks. It's raw and emotional but note-perfect enough to pull in plaudits from all over the place; from NME to Radio 2. 'Another Love' deals with heartbreak but this most overused musical emotion doesn't feel tiresome in this instance, it knocks you for six instead. Odell's songs are hallmarked by this powerful voice combined with delicate piano that, when needed, hits great heights. The EP is available on Monday, but to get a taste of the raw talent at work, check out these session versions of 'Sense' and 'Can't Pretend'.

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