Sunday 21 October 2012

Triptides - Sun Pavilion

Album review by Simon Francis Hambrook

I am guessing that Triptides have not just a few select influences but have many more select records than most bands; they certainly give you that feeling. Tracks like 'English Rain' instantly remind you of very early, experimental Pink Floyd. The instrumentality is confident and accomplished, while this and other tracks combine with vocal melodies that would not be too out of place being sung by Mark Gardener on a Ride album, say 'Carnival of Light'.

In fact I think this album is at its best when its going toward the nineties-esque obscurity feel, with songs like 'Undone' and 'Need You', and yet the Velvet Underground, come surf-guitar direction is definitely there as well, especially with a track like 'Shark Attack' with its garage sound fitting very well into the expansive, experimental miniature suites contained in this LP.They may not be experimental for the 60s, but for 2012 they are, and they could be even more so... it is tracks like this that really make you want to see them perform live.

'Morning Dew' is a pretty good effort at a pop tune straight from the surf-sixties, and has some harmonies and surprises to it that make it stand out. 'Undone' is a good obscure but beautiful track that would fit very, very happily on any homemade album of a teenager's back in 1995, it has a rich feeling of velvet cosiness to it and the slide guitar really lifts it up into the air where it belongs. The only thing to really say is a little disappointing about this LP is that it leaves me wishing to hear a 'See Emily Play' chorus at times, but perhaps it gets its closest to this high place with the best tune 'English Rain'. That it even shows some promise of such things is a sign of its grand designs, or its audacity? Perhaps a mixture of both.

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