Friday 19 October 2012

Amazing Planes - Your Money

Single review by KevW

Listening to this debut single from Amazing Planes you'd be forgiven for thinking they were a product of the US blues-rock scene, a duo taking influence from The Black Keys and Jack White's various projects (and that's not us being lazy and comparing them to other bluesy duos, the band themselves cite both as an inspiration). In fact they're a part of Nottingham's burgeoning alternative scene, both are former studio engineers who, back in 2010, got chatting and decided to commit some of their own ideas to tape. A couple of years on and a debut album is complete and ready to go. Naturally, given their own studio expertise, 'Broken Spokes' was self-produced and will be released on their own Black Dog Recording Company imprint early in 2013.

'Your Money' is testament to the fact that they know their way around a studio, it's impeccably produced, clean and powerful enough to give the song a thoroughly good kick where the sun don't shine, but with enough rough edges to keep the dirty rock 'n' roll spirit alive. It's very much one for rock fans, laden with guitar and a scorching solo, it should cross over from the world of alt-rock to those who like things a little more traditional. Whichever way you look at it, they've generated a big sound, and even if it is a little clean and traditional for some more adventurous sonic explorers, it will without question find favour with many a rock connoisseur and given time the album could manage to seep its way into wider consciousness come this time next year.

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