Saturday 27 October 2012

Dead Wolf Club - Radar

Single review by KevW

Ah Tintagel, the home of King Arthur and his knights and the magical wizard Merlin; the birthplace of the guitar and the discovery of electricity, this town has given us such noted musical heroes as The Beatles, Bob Marley and Celine Dion. Is there a more important place on the whole of this planet? The Romans didn't think so, basing the plan of their Italian home to match street maps of the north Cornish town and the ancient Egyptians constructed their great pyramids there before transporting them by specially commissioned barges to the Giza plateau. Yes, we're talking utter crap, there may be the myths of King Arthur and his comrades but besides that Tintagel has had a relatively quiet existence. Wracking our brains long and hard we failed to think of any bands/musicians of note to be the product of the picturesque location.

That was until we heard Dead Wolf Club, who although relocated to London for at least part of the time, hail from the coastal village and produce a mighty racket as if their goal was to rouse the sleeping king from his slumber so he can return to save our glorious land from the sinister, shapeshifting Tory millionaires currently doing their best to sink our once great ship of a nation. With a rollicking indie/punk track like 'Radar' they should at least get him stirring a little. The vocals yelp furiously and the guitars shudder incessantly before the chorus hits and spreads a soothing layer of melody over the song. It's got a neat hook too, and deserves to spread its appeal far and wide. Quite probably the best thing to come out of Tintagel for about 1500 years.

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