Wednesday 24 October 2012

Wild Swim - Echo

Single review by KevW

Another product of Oxford's currently well-stocked music scene (it wasn't like this when I lived there at the arse end of the 90s, you had Radiohead and the band the bloke from Radiohead's brother was in) are Wild Swim. With an average age of 19 or 20 they're still pretty young and it may be a couple of years before they fully hit their stride, and if they do improve then it's frightening to think what they might achieve. They have been playing together for several years though, which goes some way to explaining how their sound is so well defined and shows a maturity beyond their years. Having time to gel as a band and formulate your ideas can be invaluable, and so it proves here.

Debut single 'Echo' will be released on November 26th and has the sophistication of a group hitting their peak, not making their first foray into the world of releasing music. 'Echo' is likely to draw comparisons to the smart and inventive style of Wild Beasts, or Foals at their more introspective. As well as the actual musicianship functioning like a well-oiled machine, they have a vocalist with the commanding power to give them that little bit extra, that additional force that will snare more casual music fans and reel them in. To put it bluntly, Wild Swim have potential by the crate-load, so lets hope this well-oiled machine keeps running and they're given the chance to fulfill this early promise.

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