Tuesday 23 October 2012

Trails And Ways - Border Crosser

Single review by KevW

Whether the landscape on the cover picture is real or Photoshopped we don't know, but it looks mightily impressive either way (click on the image for full size). 'Boarder Crosser' is the new single from Californian indie/alt-pop group Trails And Ways who are getting set to release their debut album 'Trilingual' which they're planning to bring to us early next year. The campaign for said album starts now, with the unveiling of this, the record's first single, and a couple of live gigs listed below. As the image suggests, 'Boarder Crosser' is some wonderful sunshine pop, filled with ringing guitars, a lively and ebullient beat and irresistible harmonies; it's not easy to listen to without a smile on your face, so they've undeniably come up with a winning and addictive tune.

There's a little more to it than first appears though. Have a listen to the lyrics; they were written by singer KBB as an imaginary love letter between his grandparents who, during the second world war, had to flee Europe through the Middle East to eventually end up in the sunshine of California. If the song wasn't sweet and endearing enough as it is, this narrative is the icing on the cake. Even without the story behind it, 'Border Crosser' is impeccably arranged without an inch of space going to waste and an incredible attention to detail that shows a real talent at work. Let's hope it's no one-off, as an album full of these would be simply amazing.

Download 'Border Crosser' for free from Trails And Ways' Facebook

Catch them live:

10/24 - SF@ Brick and Mortar Music Hall with White Arrows
10/25 - LA @ Bootleg Bar with Paper Route and Faded Paper Figures

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  1. Very real. It's the mexican american border wall in texas.

    1. Great, thanks for the info! I've never seen it before.

  2. Hey! The love letter you have listed isn't imaginary, the last line of the song is pulled from a real letter Keith's grandfather wrote to his grandmother while they were separated during WW2. " My love Catherine, come with me, I love you dear."

    1. Oh sorry - I was told he was just putting himself in their position!