Monday 15 October 2012

Out This Week - 15th October 2012

Mean Creek - Young & Wild

The third album from Boston band Mean Creek is finally out this week after a slight delay. 'Youth Companion' is sounding like it may well have been worth the wait though, and free download 'Young & Wild' is a thunderous and anthemic piece of reverberating alt-rock with a big chorus and an appealing coating of mild fuzz enveloping the whole thing.

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Night Moves - Headlights

Introducing the world to their debut album are Minneapolis quintet Night Moves who mix up the genres a fair bit on 'Colored Emotions'. Free sample 'Headlights' begins like a 70s rock track and you can hear the Neil Young influence, but listen a little more and you'll hear a heap of soul creeping in as well as a decent portion of modern psychedelia.

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Regal Degal - Not Mired 

In what is a cracking week for new releases, Los Angeles post-punkers Regal Degal can consider themselves unlucky not to be awarded OROTW for this scratchy, catchy guitar-pop gem. Taken from their new album 'Veritable Who's Who', 'Not Mired' already sounds like a classic with a great riff and and jumpy rhythm that's sharp and fun.

Free download: 'Not Mired'

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The Luyas - Fifty Fifty

Montreal's The Luyas give us their third offering 'Animator' this week and from it is ace current single 'Fifty Fifty'. Beginning with organ sounds that come straight from the end of the pier, this song evolves into a chugging indie-rock tune that can't seem to make up its mind whether it's dark and brooding or light and psychedelic. We'll just have to keep playing it until it decides.

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Dan Friel - Valedictorian

It was a sad day when we learned that the mighty Parts & Labor were going on hiatus. Not only had they given us some great albums, but in 'Nowhere's Nigh' they had a stone cold classic and one of the greatest songs of recent times. So there was some relief when frontman Dan Friel announced solo plans. We were maybe expecting something more conventional, perhaps more guitar-based and singer-songwriter-ish. Boy were we wrong. It's a huge pleasure to see Friel taking the opposite route and upping the experimental side of things with this crazy and statuesque piece of psychotic electro-pop/rock madness. 'Valedictorian' caught us by surprise, so if you're not sure at first then hit the repeat button. This is really quite magnificent.

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