Saturday 27 October 2012

Family Cave - Family Cave EP

EP review by KevW

Slightly at odds with the experimental indie/electro-pop sounds emanating from their city at the moment, are New York's Family Cave, a band whose style is steeped in deeper tradition; those of folk, Americana and traditional guitar music. This makes them no less interesting as their songs are utterly lovely. Have you ever listened to a Lambchop record and wished the bugger would just cheer up a bit? Help is at hand on 'All The Places', a song dealing in similar sounds and imagery but one that doesn't require the same amount of dedication to be enjoyed. The vocals are lighter and the music has an optimistic glint in its eye while happily incorporating acoustic guitars, pianos and harmonicas. You could maybe say this was Americana for people who don't really like Americana, but that implies it's somehow not as worthy. For the record it is as worthy, although that shouldn't matter either way and bands should be judged on their tunes.

Free track 'Place For Me' captures a similar atmosphere; reflective and thoughtful but untarnished by the ravages of time and the memories of lost loves and missed opportunities, it could be that this lightness comes from the band's Californian roots, you can feel the sunshine glowing in the music. 'Direction' is a simple acoustic ditty backed with mournful strings and a a sweet melody, transporting you from campfire singalong to something altogether more decorative and inspiring. For many the highlight of this EP will be 'Walk Like', by virtue of its admittedly adorable sock-puppet based video. Whichever your favourite, it's unlikely you'll find anything life-changing here, instead 'Family Cave' is a nice little EP with some instantly likable songs on, and sometimes that's all you need.

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