Monday 15 October 2012

Midnight Spin - Neuroin

Single review by KevW

As we all know, everyone in Brooklyn is in a band. So if you're going to be in Brooklyn you might as well pick a good band to be in, and the five guys from Midnight Spin have done just that. Having formed in 2008 they've gone on to release a few singles, get themselves established and are now gearing up for the release of debut album 'Don't Let Me Sleep' early next year. By the sounds of things it's going to be one to keep an eye out for, they've got some great tunes and have been in under the studio guidance of Justin Gerrish (The Strokes, Vampire Weekend), a man who clearly knows a winning formula when he sees one. If  Midnight Spin have been off your radar so far, then let new single 'Neuroin' provide a suitably sharp, slap round the chops kind of introduction.

This sort of energetic indie-rock isn't new but on 'Neuroin' it's attacked with a sprightly vigour and bundles of enthusiasm. It's not poles apart from We Are Scientists (when they're not being jokey) and is brash, bold and absorbing. So they've got the songs to do well, they've also got one of the most bonkers and best videos we've seen all year. The amount of insane ideas compiled together here is enough to feed most band's visual output for a career, but Midnight Spin have chucked it all into one head-scratchingly bizarre promo. From smoking lampshades to some kind of Apache warrior on the loose in the city streets to a man wearing a big yellow mac in a bath of polystyrene with a massive fish. Put down whatever drugs you were thinking of taking. You won't need them when you enter into this brilliantly baffling world.

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