Saturday 13 October 2012

Baffin Island - Baffin Island EP

EP review by KevW

The press release almost convinces us that the band choosing Baffin Island as their name is significant as it's half way between Glasgow and Boise, Idaho. Which it is if you take a very long way round. As we all know, Baffin Island is north of the Canadian mainland, mostly in the arctic circle and is the fifth largest island in the world (thanks Wikipedia). So their reasons for adopting this moniker are something we can only speculate on, the music certainly isn't very icy. OK, take a look at the cover art above. That's Baffin Island shown on the globe, and as soon as you've seen the cover you will have already formulated your own impression of what you expect their music to sound like, and well done, you're absolutely right. So is the indiepop created by this transatlantic bunch much cop?

You can bet your bottom dollar it is. Comprised of members of The Hermit Crabs and The Very Most, Baffin Island know exactly what they're up to, but despite their transcontinental composition, it's the sound of Glasgow's legendary indie scene that prevails, so mentions of Camera Obscura and so on will all be in the right ball park. Ushered in by ringing guitars and shuffling percussion, 'Sorry For Myself' takes that Byrds jangle and C86 style and makes it beautifully snuggly and welcoming. 'This Year' is a combination of classic chords and trebley twangs; a kind of indiepop doo-wop that's utterly lovely. Maybe best of all is the quaint, electro-infused 'That Summer Feeling' which will only be disliked by people who are either liars or have no heart. Finishing with the sweet Motown stomp of 'We Were Meant To Meet' seems just perfect, but that's because this EP is pretty much perfect as a whole. The real Baffin Island may not be that accommodating, but the band are sublimely irresistible.

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