Saturday 20 October 2012

Five For Free #124

Lazyeyes - Forever

It's a busy time for Brooklyn's mammoth alternative music scene, what with CMJ happening this week. The plan with Lazyeyes is to have an EP available very soon, but in the mean time they're easing us into their sound with free track 'Forever' which is powered by buzzing guitars and slightly shoegazey production. It's a great track but we're promised there's even better to come when the EP is with us.

Lazyeyes' website

Milk+ - Melaforint

Austrians Milk+ are no strangers to mixing up their sounds. New EP 'Venus Breakdown' combines rock, indie, prog and jazz. Which makes it less of a surprise that Mars Volta keyboardist Ikey Owens features on a couple of tracks. There's a definite similarity in sound and people who like their music a bit heavier could do worse that check out the whole EP. Our favourite however, is the gorgeous and dreamy 'Melaforint'.

Milk+'s website

Stream or buy the EP

A Shoreline Dream - 103

Denver dreampop/shoegaze band A Shoreline Dream seem to have a strange fascination with the number three. Their new EP '333' consists of three discs ('Three', '3' and 'III') each of which contain three tracks. We have no idea why but assume there must be some reasoning somewhere. Anyway, they're actually rather fab and you can get a free download of single '103' below.

Free download: '103'
(Right click, save as)

A Shoreline Dreams' website

Stream or buy the EPs

Heartcopy - Tomorrow

Montreal duo Heartcopy are something of an enigma with scant information being offered about them. They do have a new single out though, and they're letting us have it for free. Titled 'Tomorrow', the song is synth-pop that could have been produced to a glossy chart sheen, but thankfully they've kept the jabbing vocals and harsh beat intact ensuring it loses none of its character.

Heartcopy's website

Buy the single

Amusement - King Of The World

Initially a production duo, London's Amusement have developed into a four person live assault and will be marking their return with a gig a Camden's Lock Tavern on October 21st. Ahead of that they're sharing with as the gentle and woozy dreampop of new track 'King Of The World', the first of a new phase for the band that promises to see their music develop into more lush and ornate sounds.

Amusement's website

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