Saturday 27 October 2012

Buckaroo - Attention/Grounded

Single review by KevW

There's a nagging sense that you shouldn't really enjoy these songs quite as much as you do. They're very polite, cleanly recorded, fairly middle of the road and wouldn't say boo to a goose. Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. But to hell with our pretentious notions and snobby stance; Buckaroo have released a single that contains a pair of sweet songs with big puppy-dog eyes and you can't help but give in and just fall for the damn things. They only formed this year but this debut release shows an expert ear and a professional approach that suggests they know exactly what they're up to and have maybe been members of other groups in the past. It's not the work of amateurs.

First up is the countryish shuffle of 'Attention', a song that very much follows where others have led, there's no originality here at all, yet it's undeniably lovely and demands your complete attention, mainly down to the hugely addictive voice of Augusta Dayton and the simplistic, inch-perfect production. 'Grounded' also highlights that voice but ups the tempo resulting in a song that's best described as foot-stomping. Get any redneck, hillbilly thoughts out of your head though. 'Grounded' is too classy and dreamy for that. You could maybe liken them to an Americana version of The Concretes or Mazzy Star; they achieve a similar feeling but get there by different routs. It's a shame there are only two songs, you could listen to this all day.

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