Saturday 13 October 2012

Band To Check Out: Walking The Cow

Article by KevW

Given their band name, the animal masks in the photo and their new album being called 'Monsters Are Easy To Draw', you could easily come to the conclusion that, in one way or another, Walking The Cow are obsessed with beasts. The lyrics are sometimes too abstract to confirm or deny this. Is 'Ducks & Drakes', seemingly a love song ("you are like a sunny day to me, you are like a breath of air to me") really about our feathered friends? They probably don't want us to know. There's a definite air of mystery about the Italian quintet, and it's probably not as simple as ideas getting lost in translation. They're an experienced bunch, forming back in 2005 from members of two previous Florentine bands, and it seems this slightly abstract approach is by design. And that goes for the music as much as the lyrics.

They have their roots in acoustic sounds but incorporate electronics, unusual arrangements and inventive structures that make them far more interesting than any bunch of folk revivalists. You could perhaps compare them to The Incredible String Band or Syd Barrett's solo work. 'Jesus (Buy Some Porns)' for example, seems to completely defy categorisation. There's an inventiveness and playfulness to tracks like 'Nightknocking' that show a complete disregard for any kind of rule book. Walking The Cow aren't wildly innovative or insanely psychedelic, both these traits are there, but are used in moderation and this ensures they can be taken seriously if the moment calls for it. The clincher with this band is that no songs are the same, each have their own unique twists and turns and you never know just what's around the corner. It's a weird and wonderful world they inhabit, you should pay them a visit sometime.

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