Sunday 28 October 2012

Be The Bear - Coffee Kids

Single review by KevW

Following on from the super alt-pop of last single 'Bad Things' are Swedish/Danish/English duo (work that one out) Be The Bear who are somehow hiding under the radar of much of the UK's music press, when really they're producing the exact sort of music we should be doing our damnedest to promote and bring decent pop back to the forefront of our insipid commercial music scene. Surely it's only a matter of time until NME, Radio 1 and all the other outlets currently playing it remarkably safe take a leap of faith and embrace what this pair are doing. If 'Bad Things' was a great track that may have been just a touch too downbeat and maybe lacking maximum commercial potential then they should try this new single on for size.

On 'Coffee Kids' they don't just up the pace a little, the whole song is a step up in many ways; more contagious, more radio-friendly, more universal in appeal and in possession of some serious crossover appeal. It's not selling-out by any stretch of the imagination, it's just a very very good electro-pop tune that retains enough grit to keep its soul intact. So come on UK, there's much more to the pop scene than big US female stars and arrogant rap dinosaurs, Be The Bear are proving that with a glint in their eyes and a fire in their belly, plus they have the tunes to get the public on board. It's time to give yourselves a slap in the face and venture beyond the usual suspects.

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