Sunday 28 October 2012

Baby In Vain - Machine Gun Girl/The Catcher

Single review by KevW

More goodies from Denmark's burgeoning alt-rock scene? Don't mind if we do! These three girls are still in their teens and showing such a talent at this young an age often means we're dealing with a band just getting started (obviously), but one that will most likely continue to improve for a while yet. It's often pointed out that Brian Wilson was only 23 when he wrote Pet Sounds. 23? Baby In Vain are aged between 16 and 19, they have a few years before they reach that grand old age and if there's development to be had then the trio could go on to great things. They'll be releasing two singles before the year's out, beginning with this one.

Both tracks here are an update of 90s grunge and college-rock, with a little extra fuzz and just a hint of blues. 'Machine Gun Girl' has a slow-burning swagger, as if it knows it could take you out in one blow if it needed too, and 'The Catcher' is similarly confident and brooding. Baby In Vain have got two very self-assured tracks here and create a righteous racket with seemingly effortless cool. You probably wouldn't want to mess with them, let's just hope that they're given the space and time to grown into the all-conquering beast they have the potential to become, and they don't end up being victims of the shady dons of the music scene who are after a quick buck. If Baby In Vain were to burn out too soon it would be a crying shame.

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