Wednesday 24 October 2012

sami.the.great - Hear Me Now

Single review by KevW

Her punctuation and grammar may leave a little to be desired (like we're fine ones to talk) but Brooklyn alt-pop star-in-waiting sami.the.great is far more competent in the tunes department, and as far as we're concerned that's far more important. Growing up as an Iranian-American left Sami Akbari feeling something of an outcast and thankfully for us, she sought solace in music and released her debut album earlier this year. Taking pop songs and contorting them into more alternative shapes, she's built up a fairly individual sound for herself and isn't afraid to stray from a set format. Free download 'Dresser Drawer' comes from the same cute pop dimension as some of those excellent Alex Winston singles, but 'Hear Me Now' is a little more adventurous.

With an intoxicatingly colourful and psychedelic video that's just about impossible not to be transfixed by, Sami again shows her flair for a catchy tune whilst bringing in more diverse sounds and less commercially engineered production. The result is a wonderful piece of euphoric pop that's suitable for dancing, singing out loud, getting lost in and pretty much everything else a decent hit record should be used for. It's uplifting, inventive and heaps of fun, not to mention being the exact sort of tune that national radio and TV music stations should be picking up on now that the auto-tuned, LOL-pop fad seems to thankfully be on the wane. Hopefully artists like sami.the.great can begin to make welcome inroads to public consciousness.

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