Thursday 25 October 2012

OfeliaDorme - Paranoid Park

Single review by KevW

Before they reemerge from the studio where they're currently putting the finishing touches to a new album set for release in the new year, Bologna quartet OfeliaDorme (which, as you may have guessed, translates into English as "Ophelia is sleeping") are giving previous LP, last year's 'All Harm Ends Here' a final send off with a new single and video of the album's opening track 'Paranoid Park'. Despite its positioning at the start of the record, this track feels like an ending, a curtain closing on a particular chapter, and one that's not necessarily full of sunshine and smiles. 'Paranoid Park' is a moving song but one that seems steeped in sorrow and desolation; this is only magnified by the accompanying video.

Life isn't just about the good times and some of the most captivating and stirring pieces ever written have dealt with despair and heartache. 'Paranoid Park' with its weary and forlorn vocals is the sound of resignation, that late night feeling of wanting to sleep and awake to find the world has magically fixed itself during your slumber. It is moving alright, and it is a good song, the gentle piano and barely-there strings capture the mood well. The visuals hint at the contemplation of ending it all there and then, but the protagonist, despite her obvious inner pain seems resigned to living to fight another day. It may be gloomy, but these emotions can be just as real and recognisable as any, and OfeliaDorme have caught them incredibly well.

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