Saturday 20 October 2012

Arms Of Tripoli - The Fallen Embers

EP review by KevW

Comprising of members of various instrumental and experimental bands, Los Angeles collective Arms Of Tripoli are staying true to their roots by not compromising their sound for a chance at selling out. They have a core group of members, but also welcome input and collaborations from other like-minded musical souls. 'All The Fallen Embers' is the debut release under this current format and is post-rock with a difference. The difference being that it's not deliberately abstract, indulgent or obtuse, and that the songs, despite their seemingly niche style, will appeal beyond those already absorbed in the genre. You could call it a post-rock starter kit, but that implies that Arms Of Tripoli are somehow watered down or overly commercial, neither of which is true, they simply have great tunes.

The closest we get to the output normally associated with this genre is perhaps 'Walking Eyes', at six minutes long it allows a decent amount of soloing while sticking to the atmospherics, but it might not be the easiest route in for more pop-minded listeners. The fabulous 'Vikings In The Attic' or the melodic 'Cliff Dwellings' maintain their chosen sound with a more universal appeal. It could be 'Radio Silence' that's best of all, fitting in tempo changes, broken beats and a winding guitar line along with the usual post-rock dynamic. It shouldn't be an insult to say that these Californians have taken music that's generally an acquired taste and turned it into something more universally appealing, in fact it takes great skill to do so. If you've been put off by laborious, atmospheric guitarscapes in the past then give this a shot. It might go some way to converting you.

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