Sunday 21 October 2012

Snøskred - Come Closer

Single review by KevW

Back in the summer we featured the debut single from new Norwegian noisemakers Snøskred, a scorching blend of loud guitars and starry-eyed and optimistic vocals. Since then the guys and girls from Oslo have been putting the finishing touches to their debut album 'Whiteout' which will be with us next week. Ahead of that, they're sharing with us another single, 'Come Closer, which continues their excellent formula of pulling melodies from walls of discordant noise. Much like the debut, 'Come Closer' attacks your ears with pounding drums and layers of distorted guitar. They seem like a band who know their shoegaze and are more than willing to add their own slant on it.

Creaking and groaning into action, 'Come Closer' is a blanket of sound, not a microdot of tape is wasted. Then come the vocals, almost angelically through the storm yet still partially buried under the avalanche of noise. They sing about sunny beaches and being set free, something that feels paradoxical considering they're swallowed whole by the relentless guitar assault which is later joined by some faint, twinkling piano. "I'll never follow the light" is sung over and over, even though finding a stationary spot of light to follow amongst this tumultuous squall seems like a challenge in itself. Scandinavia is matching any area of the world for shoegaze and dreampop at the moment, and surely Snøskred will be picking up more praise when the album drops.

Snøskred's website

Snøskred's album will be available from Riot Factory

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