Sunday 30 September 2012

Lust For Youth - Behind Curtains

Single review by KevW

The alternative music world's insatiable appetite for retro electronic sounds and the synth-pop of the 1980s is showing no signs of waning just yet and this new album by Swedish electronic artist Lust For Youth (AKA Hannes Norrvide) is another one to add to the growing pile. If that sounds a little dismissive then it needn't be, because new single 'Behind Curtains', although anything but original, is a marker that 'Growing Seeds' could well be an album worth investigating. Initially inspired by friends who had formed a post-punk band in Gothenburg, Norrvide began tinkering on the only musical instrument he owned; a toy keyboard. Apparently leading to a primitive drone version of synth-pop (now that sounds amazing, let's hope he shares at some point), his sound and songs gradually began to develop, resulting in this first single.

You can still hear those primitive drones in 'Behind Curtains' which has been left pleasantly underproduced and unpolished, it's at the bleaker end of synth music, you can just about remove the word 'pop' altogether and almost label this as witch-house. The vocals are heavily treated yelps and the buzzing hum of what sound like analogue electronics smother the whole thing, giving a strange contrast between the cold human voice and warm and fuzzy drone from which it stabs out. Many would have considered this a demo and set sail for a plush studio and an expensive producer to buff it into a more valuable commodity. Thankfully Lust For Youth shunned that option and the cracks and imperfections remain, giving the song a personality instead of stripping the soul from it. Let's hope for more of the same from the album.

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