Friday 12 October 2012

Streak & The Raven - Speed Of Light

Single review by KevW

Finland has become a real powerhouse of both pop and alternative music genres of late. Although we're not averse to featuring Scandinavian pop on this site, you wonder when the UK mainstream will wake up and start looking to Nordic countries other than Sweden for some of the exciting music treats us bloggers find landing in our inbox. It might be nice that groups like Seinäjoki's Streak & The Raven are our little secrets for now, but it would benefit both the band and our music scene if we were more open to music from outside the usual places, especially as our homegrown alternative acts are having so little impact on chart music and daytime radio playlists.

'Speed Of Light' won't be the track to change that; it's not especially designed for radio play, it's not commercial or upbeat enough to become a major hit and it has no novelty factor to provide a handle for the UK press to grab hold of. This is a wonderful track though, the band's own description of "desperate night-time AOR" isn't far off. This does feel very nocturnal and it's not a difficult listen, but it's not conventional enough to be considered AOR. It's rather like a more sensible version of something by The Knife, it has a similar aura but without the off-the-wall lyrical approach. It's classy, down-tempo electro-pop that's simple and effective, plus the video is great too. So for now they're likely to remain our little secret, but then everybody loves a good secret.

Streak and the Raven - Speed of Light (OFFICIAL) from OTSO FILM on Vimeo.

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