Saturday 20 October 2012

On An On - Ghosts

Single review by KevW

The three members that make up On An On were previously members of Scattered Trees, and when that band imploded they decided to carry on making music under a new guise. From what we're hearing from their camp so far, things have been going really rather well, with a ten-track album already recorded and set for a release at the end of January on Roll Call Records. First single 'Ghosts' has already set the blog world alight, reaching number one on the Hype Machine chart and reeling in some high praise from music lovers everywhere, thanks in part to a slightly creepy retro-futurist video showing what appears to be the manufacture of missiles and other high technology during the cold war.

As for the song? Well that's not bad either. Kind of a pumped-up dreampop tune, 'Ghosts' takes a forceful beat and adds it to the washes of otherworldly noise and (appropriately) ghostly backing vocals. Really dreampop is too mild a term, so if you can maybe image a crunching, experimental alt-rock band getting a slightly more delicate remix then that's probably closer to the truth. Alternatively you could just stick the video on and make your own minds up as to what it is and whether it's any good. That's kind of the point of us posting loads of music on here after all...

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