Sunday 14 October 2012

Black Tar Jesus - Forever Eighteen

Single review by KevW

Czech musician Tomáš Kopáček is new to us, but you may have heard his work already. He was formerly a part of dark, electronic experimentalists TEMPELHOF who ceased to be last year, and is now dabbling in dark and experimental alt-rock of the variety that Belgian's dEUS were making in their first incarnation. This new project is called Black Tar Jesus and consists of Kopáček and two unnamed assailants. Having released an EP earlier this year, the trio have just put out a new single from their already recorded debut album. According to those in the know the album is a return to the sound of another Kopáček led group, Mon Insomnie.

Taking its lead from the more exploratory offshoots of grunge, 'Forever Eighteen' does away with the conventional verse-chorus-verse format preferred by Pixies, Nirvana and co., instead beginning with a long introduction that seems to be a direct descendant of dEUS' 'Roses', with little more than a gently chugging guitar, later joined by a slapping beat. When we get about a third of the way through the song bursts into life in a menacing fashion. It's powerful but with a troubled soul and slightly creepy lyrics about love and loss. "Don't ever leave me" is sung as though there could be consequences if the order isn't obeyed. Sometimes it's the more sinister side of life that's the most interesting, something that's unquestionably the case here.

Black Tar Jesus' website

'Forever Eighteen; is available from Stoned To Death Records

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