Friday 31 August 2012

Christa Vi - Small Way Through

Single review by KevW

It was just a couple of weeks back that we featured the last single from London-based half German, half Australian (blimey, she gets about a bit) singer Christa Vi, but she must be in a good mood because she's treating us to a bank holiday treat by way of new single 'Small Way Through' which is available as a free download from today and comes backed with a Cosmonaut Grechko remix. This different take ups the dubby, spaced-out feel considerably. It's another example of remixers realising that taking a sample from a song and incorporating it into one of your own compositions just won't cut the mustard any more. It's a great version and brings with it a laid-back, summery vibe, genuinely adding a different atmosphere to the song while incorporating Christa's own version in almost it's entirety. So a tip of the cap to Cosmonaut Grechko for that one.

The original is as sweet as a honey-coated marshmallow. Although Christa dabbles with electronic sounds on occasion, 'Small Way Through' is essentially an acoustic track, given an extra flurry of life thanks to a ticking and shuffling beat. It's just enough to prevent her getting lost in the swamp of female singer-songwriters doing the rounds. Despite its genteel construction it has enough about it to take a step beyond your average acoustic guitar botherers. Lyrically it tackles familiar subjects (which you could interpret several different ways) but thanks to some neatly plucked guitar and production that doesn't swamp the song - something that ruins so many tracks of this variety - and Christa's knack with a melody, not to mention her voice, it's impossible to hate, we'll happily take this freebie, thanks very much!

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