Saturday 1 September 2012

Five For Free #110

The Sheepdogs - Feeling Good

"Good ol' fashioned rock and roll" is what is says here, right next to a photo of some heavily bearded men. Usually this is enough to have us running for our Hallucinogen albums, but Saskatchewan mob The Sheepdogs aren't your typical dad-friendly bore rockers. Nope, 'Feeling Good' taps into some stellar glam stomping that's beamed in directly from 1973 and is a heap of fun.

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Johan Reinhold - Heart In A Jar

Johan Reinhold also references that era, citing Bowie and Roxy Music as influences, along with more modern acts such as Daft Punk. He has an EP scheduled for early October and is having a go at tempting us to buy it by offering free download 'Heart In A Jar' which is soulful electro-pop with grand ambitions and a chorus that's bordering on the epic side of things.

Johan Reinhold's website

Future Twin - Lockits

The Lockits was/is the name of an San Francisco all-girl moped gang. Deciding to take things a step further they formed a band called Future Twin and the resulting music is heroically fun, ragged and punky. Of course they had to name a song after their gang, and so we get 'Lockits' taken recent 7" single. It's shouty, vibrant and rough around the edges, just as any track by an all-girl moped gang should be.

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Castratii - Limits 

When these globe-trotting Australians want to add power and passion they go about it with no punches pulled. Free download 'Limits' is walking the tightrope between hugely impressive synth-pop and 80s power ballads so finely that a gust of wind could blow it in either direction. As it stands, Castratii have managed to create truly epic, credible and impressive sounds here.

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Simon Deer - Cow

Danish singer-songwriter Simon Deer takes his cue from all the greats of the genre; Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen... and the fingerprints of those gods are all over last year's self-titled album. We've picked 'Cow' as a favourite here, as the understated beauty and lo-fi vocals give it that extra personal touch, but if you want to hear more the album is free from his bandcamp page.

Simon Deer's website

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