Monday 27 August 2012

The Hundredth Anniversary - Pressure Sphere/Slip

Single review by KevW

Gateshead's Tiny Lights Recordings has been, fittingly, a little beacon of light amongst the continually predicted disintegration Britain's alternative music scene. With shops, labels and venues calling it a day on a regular basis, this small indie has uncovered a rich and productive scene in the North East with some stellar releases. And bearing in mind that they're barely over a year old, it goes to show just what passion, determination and a good set of ears can achieve. Now it seems they're spreading their catchment net a little further and releasing this new single by Brighton band The Hundredth Anniversary. Even younger than the label, the band formed in January this year over a shared love of alternative heroes such as The Velvet Underground, Orange Juice and Explosions In The Sky.

If you're a fan of the instant pop of certain Velvet Underground or Orange Juice tracks you might be out of luck here. These two songs explore moodier dimensions, more akin to Explosions In The Sky and other post-rock groups. Minus the endless songs that is. These guys conjure up their atmospheric sound in more 7" friendly times, and as can be the case with ambience and tone over beats and melodies, it takes a few listens for this pair of tunes to unveil their true colours. 'Pressure Sphere' has a haunted feel thanks to the distant and almost emotionless vocals, but like the best post-rock it erupts into a skirmish of sturdy of beats and guitars in the time someone like Godspeed You! Black Emperor would spend on the opening bar. More accessible is 'Slip', a song which also relies on atmosphere to capture your attention and may be a better introduction to the band. It also employs brooding beats and guitars to either snare you or scare you. Given time both tracks become another great addition to the roster, and those Tiny Lights are getting brighter by the day.

The Hundredth Anniversary's website

The single will be available on October 1st from Tiny Lights or iTunes.

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