Saturday 11 August 2012

Deaf Club - Moving Still

Single review by KevW

It's all go for rising Londoners Deaf Club at the moment. First there's the small matter of coveted evening slots on the BBC Introducing stage at the Reading and Leeds festivals, then they embark upon a journey around the UK in an attempt to win yet more followers with their powerful and spooky alternative rock. Current single 'Moving Still' will give you a little insight into what the fuss is all about, as they use the conventional indie band equipment to whip up a swirling and dark atmosphere. The spaciousness of the track adds an air of mystery, even though this expansive sound is created without actually involving breaks in the music.

'Moving Still', even at its quietest points, remains a creaking, groaning piece. It's an effect that maintains momentum despite the breaks in rhythm and vocals. Oh yeah, the vocals. These are emotive, expressive and passionate without ever slipping into wailing, Florence-style "look what I can do" type showing off. In the wrong hands this track could have ended up overblown and ruined. Deaf Club could have done that themselves. Luckily they're smart enough to realise that less is more and allow those haunting and stressed guitar cries, along with the restrained yet exceptionally strong vocals to work their magic naturally. There are plenty of disastrous overblown monstrosities prowling the music world. They could all take a lesson from Deaf Club.

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