Wednesday 1 August 2012

Five For Free #101

Ghost Wave - Hippy

'Hippy' by name, anti-hippy by nature. New Zealand band Ghost Wave take their cue from the Flying Nun roster (their own version of C86 if you like) to create a fizzing, punky, garagey riot of a song, with buzz-saw guitars and a nice coating of surf. It's frenetic indiepop that dazzles and makes us wish they'd hurry up and get this flipping debut EP out to the world.

Ghost Wave's website

F.U.R.S - Striptease

We heard about F.U.R.S from the ever reliable Young & Lost Club label who are offering 'Striptease' as a free download ahead of the fledgling band's debut show in a couple of weeks. The duo are brother and sister Elle and Liam Wade and this track is a jangly 60's-influenced shuffle backed with some sparkly organ work and no small amount summery melody.

To download 'Striptease' for free head here

F.U.R.S' website

Junk Culture - Growing Pains

Deepak Mantena is the Mississippi dwelling man behind cut-and-paste outfit Junk Culture, and after a couple of albums composed of field-recordings and clips of songs he likes, he's decided to go heavier into his own compositions on his debut album proper, 'Wild Quiet', which is out this week. Free track 'Growing Pains' is a beat-heavy mash of genres and a great showcase of his production talent.

To download 'Growing Pains' for free head here

Junk Culture's website

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The Mentalettes - Fine Fine Fine 

The global coming together of these fine folks (from Sweden, Spain, Germany and USA) is a joy to behold. The Mentalettes take retro soul and squeeze it through a 60's garage filter, creating some joyously irresistible pop along the way. If you've been enjoying Chains Of Love (or just great music in general) then 'Fine Fine Fine' is an absolute must.

The Mentalettes' website

Panoramic & True - Product On

Chicago bunch Panoramic & True were formed by songwriter John Lennox to make an alternative form of the indie and pop sounds that were his influence. 'Product On' is taken from the band's recentl released second album 'Wonderlust' and takes traditional guitar songs and pop melodies, adding strings and a fuller sound for a superb baroque feel.

Panoramic & True's website

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