Tuesday 21 August 2012

Hullabaloo - Landslide EP

EP review by KevW

Hullabaloo by name hullabaloo by nature? Well this six-strong Welsh collective are giving it a good go, throwing a multitude of instruments at these songs. No acoustic musings here, we're given riotous, punky, blues-rock on standout 'Found A New Way', it's akin to discovering your local pub band have found a source of inspiration and viality after years of mucking about with a pair of guitars and some brass. We're not quite talking the feral assault of The Sonics, but it's essentially a more sanitised version of a similar theme. As introductions go they could have done worse. For example by starting off with the tame terrace-chant of 'All Shapes And Sizes'. Nobody wanted a kiddy soul version of The Fratellis and it falls flat after the promising opener.

The title-track shocks them back into life though, it's also made in the fashion of a tidied up 60s garage/soul band, plus it sounds like it would be a killer live. A possible heavier direction is hinted at with the riffing 'Do You Think I'm Crazy Enough', another highlight and as close as they reach to punk rock. 'Leave This Town' has more than a twang of Madness about it, albeit one of their more thoughtful numbers. The up-tempo chorus comes as a surprise, yet it's reasonably average as a whole. Hullabaloo have the right ingredients to become a cracking band, but they're not quite there yet, at least not on record. It doesn't need much imagination to picture these songs and this group being a raucous live prospect already. The songs are good but what's needed studio-wise is a rocket up their arse and someone to drag the tunes through a hedge backwards so they begin to channel the greats that they no doubt aspire (and have the ability) to emulate. Watch this space.

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