Thursday 9 August 2012

Band To Check Out: Butterscotch Stanley

Article by KevW

Sometimes band's own descriptions of themselves are a load of pretentious old twaddle. Sometimes though, they're honest enough to hit the nail on the head. So in a rather self-depreciating but refreshingly frank way, the bizarrely monikered Butterscotch Stanley describe themselves as "three nerds in a band they wish was punk but none of them have the balls". And sure enough, this New York trio make a punky racket but minus the incendiary edge that heroes of various branches of the genre (The Clash, The Ramones, Black Flag etc.) used to define scenes and build rabid and dedicated fanbases. These guys aren't planning or expecting legendary status, and they're unlikely to get it, but that doesn't mean they can't make a riotous, clattering garage-punk sound that will appeal to many people's ears.

There is a slightly geeky bent to their sound and the songs talk of insecurities and ex-girlfriends but not in the cloying, gonzo way that atrocities like Sum 41 did. The subject matter may be from a well thumbed copy of the songwriters guide to lyrics book, but the music is raucous and thrillingly energetic. They may claim to have self-confidence issues but the rickety cacophony they make shows that they give it their all in these songs and it's quite a charming noise they make. There's no needless polishing, this is three guys making the sounds they want to make. "It's not good enough, but I can do better" they sing on 'Another One'. Maybe they can, and as they stand Butterscotch Stanley are unlikely to become world famous. But doing better? Surely having the time of your lives creating sounds you love with your mates is the whole point of forming a band, and perhaps they should stay just as they are.

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