Saturday 4 August 2012

Styles Make Fights - Faster Than Usain

Single review by KevW

Ah yes, a good old Olympic cash-in! Although to be fair there's no suggestion that this track was written with the global festival of sport in mind, and if you've got a song that namechecks the most famous athlete in the world you might as well get it out there while his face is gracing TV screens across the country. It would have been a bad business decision (although a hilarious one) if Slade had released 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday' in July wouldn't it? So let's cast any cynicism aside and judge this new single from Newcastle pop-punks Styles Make Fights on it's merits alone.

'Faster Than Usain' is the sort of guitar music that would more than likely have picked up a sizeable coating of radio coverage a few years ago when stations like Radio 1 bothered with things like guitars. It's a fairly easy listen and clean and catchy enough to generate sales should it manage to get decent exposure. They claim Jimmy Eat World as an influence and you can compare this track to that band's brief moment in the spotlight. Essentially this is powerpop and is well made enough to be of interest regardless of the timely reference. 'Faster Than Usain' probably wouldn't win gold but it's just about strong enough to make it through to the final.

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'Faster Than Usain' will be available from Tiny Lights Recordings

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