Wednesday 1 August 2012

End Of August - Voluntary Breathing

Single review by KevW

Personal torture has been the catalyst for some of the most moving and powerful music ever created. This new single from Finnish duo End Of August was born out of tragic circumstances, with the lyrics dealing with the untimely death of singer Petteri Salonen's wife and the lyrics are heartbreaking as he pleads "please please don't fall asleep to deep". So 'Voluntary Breathing' is heavy in terms of subject matter and is essentially a diary of coming to terms with such life-shattering sadness, yet there's an element of hope which saves the song from being overly desolate, moving from desperation and feeling that your life too was over, to the realisation that "after all I didn't fall".

Lyrically the song speaks for itself and a sadder tale you're unlikely to hear all year (although forthcoming album 'The Deep Sleep' deals with the same subject matter) but this isn't just a weepy that's best avoided for those who are over sensitive. This plucked acoustic track is strong enough to carry any lyrics. It's simple and doesn't lay on a great deal of production, simply the twin voices of Salonen and partner in crime Antti-Jussi Marjamaki. 'Voluntary Breathing' is emotionally stirring but musically restrained and would make a sufficient instrumental if stripped of the meaning the words bring. Naturally we wish this song was made under happier circumstances, but it certainly packs an emotional punch that's difficult not to be affected by.

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