Monday 13 August 2012

The Presets - Ghosts

Single review by KevW

Sydney duo The Presets had been away for what seemed like an entire epoch before they reminded the word of their existence with the release of single 'Youth In Trouble' earlier this year. While that track was a pulsing, insatiable take on modern disco/electronica, the second offering from their forthcoming album 'Pacifica' is an altogether more conventional piece. Gone are those clubby, late night rhythms and bursts, in favour of what many music watchers may describe as a 'tune'. Yes they've ditched the nightlife on this one for more vocals, a slower pace and something resembling a conventional format.

There is plenty of tribal/spiritual chanting and jerky beats but the song is dominated by lyrics, not beats. Given the right, er, medicine you could still dance your nuts off to this but the breaks in the beat suggest they may be moving to a more varied place on their third album. In fact you could say that 'Ghosts' sounds like a Yeasayer remix of a Presets track. Something that wouldn't have been out of the question anyway, but why pay the fees when you can master a variety of sounds yourselves? Perhaps this pair from down under are about to show the world that they can turn their hand to whichever genre gets thrown at them.

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