Sunday 5 August 2012

Conveyor - Anne

Single review by KevW

As a celebration of their recently completed US tour to accompany their eponymous debut record, this experimental bunch of Brooklyn oddballs are releasing the album's closing track 'Anne' as a single. As a whole Conveyor's debut was an impressive and innovative collection of higgledy-piggledy sounds and ideas, a bit like a load of buckets of different coloured paint hurled at a wall. Some of it stuck, some of it made pretty patters, some of it was a bit messy and sometimes confusing, yet the impressive kaleidoscope did dazzle sporadically. The six-minute finale of 'Anne' was one of these instances and seems an apt choice for a celebratory, post-tour party piece.

We can talk about other eccentrics of the US alternative scene for quick comparisons. This will appeal to fans of Animal Collective as much as fans of The Beach Boys experimental phase. Indeed 'Anne' compares favourably to the segmented sound collages created by both. The smooth and harmonious wash of the beginning is brushed aside by some hurried and rabid vocals, slow horn parps and tropical speckled guitars. Electrical noodlings creep into the background before the whole thing cuts itself down to a drifting and extended ending. From a sometimes unusual and baffling record, this track was a definite highlight and great single choice.

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