Thursday 23 August 2012

Band To Check Out: These Curious Thoughts

Article by KevW

It's fairly commonplace for recordings to be made by people who aren't in the same studio or even the same country. The Postal Service were so named because of the DAT tapes that were sent back and forth between the two collaborators by via US mail. The Kills created some of their early songs by sending pieces of music to each other via transcontinental communications. Aaliyah's just collaborated with Drake despite passing away over a decade ago. We could go on, the concept of people making music together, um, apart or even having never met isn't a new one. Sean Dunlop (from Detroit) and Jim Radford (London) met while travelling in Peru and discovered a shared love of music, kept in touch and began to collaborate via email, with Jim sending lyrics to Sean who then puts them to music. Together they became These Curious Thoughts and reportedly have completed an astonishing 200 or so songs.

There are already numerous recordings available from iTunes but as a starting point it's worth having a look at the more concise offerings on their SoundCloud and Facebook pages where free downloads are also available. In terms of sound we're looking at a fairly conventional indie-rock format, and the description of "a proggy R.E.M." just about fits the bill, although the proggy aspect amounts to a slightly less conventional sound than to 14 minute opuses about unicorns. With seven albums recorded, picking out a few highlights would be a challenging process due to the sheer volume this prolific pair create, but with various web presences and tracks streaming it's easy enough to dip your toes in the water and explore as you wish. You may find that you share some of their curious thoughts, and if you do there's a veritable banquet to tuck in to.

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