Friday 24 August 2012

The Cast Of Cheers - Human Elevator

Single review by KevW

Fancy dress parties, mankinis, body building dwarves, sadomasochism, old men wielding chainsaws in front of crucifixes, miniature dogs, table tennis, pillow fights, possible vampire activity... it's all part of the usual Friday night ritual round at The Sound Of Confusion HQ. We weren't expecting Dubliners The Cast Of Cheers to turn our recreational activities into a mini documentary to accompany their new single 'Human Elevator' though. We jest of course, our Friday nights consist of a nice cup of chamomile tea in front of Mastermind, but then we don't inhabit the world imagined by the mastermind of the quartet's latest video. It's a slight challenge to figure out the exact concept - or the point in general - but it's an entertaining watch.

'Human Elevator' is also an entertaining tune, and a definite highlight of their recently released 'Family' album, turning up the catchiness by a few notches and adding a stomping glam beat that's destined for the indie-disco. It's as close to a pop song as they've come, building on the foundations of a post-punk track to add a few extra layers of extra appeal and a repeated hook that's difficult to shake. It should leave a bit more of a mark on people's conciousness than previous tracks and if they can continue along a similar path for future releases then they could get a slice off the crossover pie currently being enjoyed by the likes of Two Door Cinema Club. But stick to the creepy videos though, it kind of suits them that way.

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