Wednesday 1 August 2012

Horsemen Pass By - Giallo EP

EP review by KevW

How's this for an globe-straddling, genre-spanning biography? Ross Gillanders and Daniel Valle are a Scot and a Spaniard. They're based in Cork where they play as part of electro/surf/punks Beastmen. They also moonlight as Horsemen Pass By, an instrumental duo influenced by cult films, sci-fi and Mexican folk music. It's a colourful story for sure and 'Giallo' is an interesting EP. 'Midnight Chase In Genova' uses analogue electro pulses and some twangy surf guitar, and you can just about see where that Mexican influence comes into it, but really it's best to avoid their references and look at this as a decent electro-rock tune with enough of its own personality to catch your ear. It's probably the best song on the EP, but the rest is hardly a write-off.

A more spacious sound can be found on 'The Lies Of Christian Shaw' with its Vangelis sweeps and retro electronic beats, the second half builds into something more substantial and hints at a more interesting way forward. 'Lanark' is passable but fairly anonymous, while EP closer 'Letters From A Stranger' is better and steers their cinematic experimenting a little closer to the dance floor. But just a little. 'Giallo' is a reasonable introduction but you suspect Horsemen Pass By are capable of better. Their next project is rumoured to be a Spaghetti Western/Horror album called 'The Town That Feared Sunset', and if they pull it off then it could be a genius move. Whatever you make of this debut, you've got to take your hat off to them for ambition.

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