Thursday 9 August 2012

Harts - All Too Real

Single review by KevW

There have been attempts to blur the boundaries between rock/indie and disco/dance since the late 70s. From Blondie and Gang Of Four through to every bunch of jangly guitar chancers bolting on a breakbeat and insisting they'd always had a dance element to their music in the wake of the success of The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and the like (hi there The Mock Turtles and The Soup Dragons amongst others). The past decade or so has seen disco-punk become the norm rather than a forced way to make a quick buck at the expense of any dignity. From The Rapture and Franz Ferdinand to Friendly Fires and Delphic, dance music for indie kids has taken over, even pushing much straight guitar music to the fringes.

Melbourne solo artist Harts adds his modern twist to those forerunners with debut single 'All Too Real' which will be followed by an EP, 'Offtime', later in the year. This is multi-purpose, multi-genre music for a generation where musical tribes have all but disappeared. The potential is here for wide appeal and other tracks from the EP are already sounding just as big. It's a song to be enjoyed, not studied, so if you're lucky enough to be experiencing some sun then crank it up and enjoy. Believe it or not this fresh-as-a-bucket-of-cold-water-in-the-face track was mixed by Lars Stalfors of The Mars Volta. Now we'd love to hear them embracing wah-wah covered, cowbell-heavy, prog dance floor bangers. Time to return the favour we reckon, Harts!

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