Tuesday 14 August 2012

Windam Flat - Everybody's In A Band

Single review by KevW

Anyone who's been following the site closely over the past few months will now be familiar with San Francisco band Windham Flat's quite literal garage rock. Well, laundromat basement rock actually, but pretty much the same thing, right? If not, here's our Graham with a quick reminder: Windham Flat have been releasing a series of 'Basement Sessions' which show them performing and recording a song there and then, in their rehearsal space which is bedecked with oddities like Laurel and Hardy posters, pool cues, paintings, bikes and too many drum kits. This is now the third instalment of our glimpse into their world and how they function.

They're a garage band, so naturally, despite the dimly lit room they perform in, shades are worn, heroically keeping the spirit of rock 'n' roll alive. These are snappy riffs, unprocessed sounds and are performed with vigour. Essentially Windham Flat are the typical definition of a garage-punk band and are proud to be so. It's not premeditated or contrived, it's just how they are and the unpretentiousness is great to see, even with the odd ironic rock star pose thrown in. 'Everybody's In A Band' is also the typical definition of a garage rock song. Ragged, vibrant, energetic, enthusiastic and wholehearted. Not one iota of originality, but bundles of passion and a top tune. And those two things are the most important of all.

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