Friday 17 August 2012

Quiet Sun - Three Colours White EP

EP review by KevW

I really wish I could say that this EP was an albino Three Colours Red tribute act, but sadly not (now there's a gap in the market if ever I've seen one). No, 'Three Colours White' is the name of this new name-your-price download release from UK artist Quiet Sun, who thankfully avoids any comparisons to Three Colours Red by quite some margin. We're talking mellow electronic textures here, those that will appeal to fans of Four Tet and the general ambient/folktronica movement. They're almost entirely instrumental pieces but not devoid of structure or direction as are some more abstract proponents of similarly luscious electro/acoustic strains.

Although these are winsome and soothing sounds, they're also uplifting. The angelic sighs of the title-track being particularly blissful. Some bigger beats are dropped into the glistening 'Black Crystal' yet you'd be hard pushed to describe it as dance music. Quiet Sun reside in an attractive middle ground between the washy ambient vagueness woven by many producers and the crowd pleasing bangers spat out by superstar DJs. So instead these are ambient sounds with enough soul and enough robustness to both hold your concentration and make the bubble you inhabit sound that little bit richer for a few minutes. Ignore the EP's title, the colours of the cover paint a more accurate picture.

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