Wednesday 15 August 2012

Five For Free #105

Permanent Collection - One Thousand Sins

We gave you a little freebie from former Young Prisms man Jason Hendardy's new band Permanent Collection last week when they released their debut album 'Newly Wed, Nearly Dead', but the more songs we hear from them the better they begin to sound. So the good news is that they've made another album track, the awesome, shoegazey 'One Thousand Sins' available free.

Permanent Collection's website

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Kitty Pryde - Hittin Lix

The original Kitty Pryde was a character from Marvel Comics (we had to Google this, honest) but the Kitty Pryde in question here is about to release her debut album and 'Hittin Lix' is the first single taken from it. Broadly speaking you could call her a rapper but the wide range of genres and influences mark Kitty out as a far more eclectic and interesting artist, as shown on this sinister piece of trip-hop.

Free download: 'Hittin Lix'

Kitty Pryde's website

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White Denim - Darlene

Last year, Texan garage rock quartet White Denim released an EP called 'Takes Place In Your Work Space'. Perhaps these sessions were recorded through the thick fug of mind expanding smoke, but it would appear that they forgot to include the two best recordings from the sessions on the EP. Now they've seen sense and made them available to download. We've gone for the sweet and melodic 'Darlene'.

Free download: 'Darlene'
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White Denim's website

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Night Sins - Spectral Bliss

Moving back to darker places are Philadelphia electro-goths Night Sins who will be releasing their cheerfully titled debut album 'New Grave' in the autumn. This gloomy but great track 'Spectral Bliss' is like a backcombed trip back to 1983 (and is released on tape, natch). It's been sunny out all day, now we've put this on it's started raining. Funny that. I hope their eyeliner doesn't run.

Night Sins' website

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Cousin Marnie - 'Til Death Do Us Part

As we're being a little bleak and sombre, how about a murder ballad to finish off with? Oh go on then... Cousin Marnie won't be releasing her debut single until later this year but in the meantime she's introducing herself with the jovial ''Til Death Do Us Part' which is about psychotic episodes, corpses, insanity and the desire to kill.

Download ''Til Death Do Us Part' for free by heading here

Cousin Marnie's website

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